What Does Excessive Exhaust Smoke Mean?

As your car runs it produces emissions that contains fumes that are very poisonous to people, or any oxygen-breathing being for that matter. The exhaust system in your car prevents these gases from getting into the passenger area and it also helps to improve fuel efficiency by monitoring the makeup of your vehicle's emissions and calculating the correct air/fuel mixture based on the readings. But you can monitor your exhaust as well and likely determine if engine trouble is occurring! If you see excess smoke being emitted from the tailpipe take note of the color, as it may indicate the problem within your car's engine. These are the most common colors of exhaust and what they may mean for your vehicle.

Black Exhaust

black auto exhaust smoke

If your car is producing thick, black exhaust it often indicates the burning of excess amounts of gas. This is usually caused by a faulty MAF sensor, which measures the amount of incoming air and calculates the proper amount of gasoline to mix with it to create a properly running engine. If it malfunctions it can cause your vehicle to run rich, which is another name for using too much gasoline. Not only will this lower your vehicle's fuel economy, it can also cause other engine problems, including burnt valves, a problem that may require expensive engine repair.


Blue Exhaust

Oil burns blue. That means blue exhaust is more than likely the result of an oil leak that is causing oil to be fired up inside the engine. This is a cause for mass concern as burning oil indicates there's not enough oil in the motor to properly lubricate it in order to run right! The final result will be an engine that is oil starved and may seize and quit working due to excessive metal on metal friction!

White Exhaust

white auto exhaust smoke

White clouds of smoke coming out of the rear of your car often are a result of a coolant leak inside the engine that is allowing the coolant to burn up in the combustion chamber. A coolant leak puts the vehicle at risk of overheating, which could lead to major engine damage. If the engine is gets too hot the block may actually crack! Before that sort of damage occurs you'll likely experience a plethora of other engine damage requiring extensive repair.

Exhaust smoke can indicate major trouble so if you notice excessive amounts being emitted from your vehicle do yourself a favor and head to your local auto repair shop for engine diagnostics. If you need professional engine repair in Ephrata for your import or domestic vehicle head to Huber's Auto Group. We provide a plethora of auto repair and maintenance services and specialize in European auto repair in Ephrata at our shop where we also conduct auto sales and rentals! Give us a call today at (717) 733-2631 to request an appointment!

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